2016 Mojo Awards

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    Magic Memories Mojo Winners 2016

    2016 Mojo Awards

    Peer recognition of excellence is a powerful tool. 

    Magic Memories' global team of more than 700 get together every year to celebrate our MOJO awards. These internal awards aren't just about the cash prizes or the bragging rights (though those do certainly help!) - they're about genuinely recognizing excellence in eachother in order to continue to push us all toward the lofty height of expectation we hold ourselves to. 

    Having the Magic Mojo is key for our entire team. For the awards, MOJO stands for: 

    M - Motivation

    O - Organisation

    J - Journey

    O - O for Owesome. (Yeah, we know - it's a bit of an in-joke). 

    This year, from 448 peer to peer nominations, finalists are selected first for regional and then global awards. 

    This year, the winning finalists for each category were: 

      Motivation Organisation Journey Owesome
    AU Mark Henry Sydney Opera House     James Brown Rebecca Swain
    NZ Ellen Stevenson     Skycity Auckland Lauren Foster Brittany Knights
    UK/EU      Felix Muigai London Zoo Ineke Koopmans     Simon Boundford
    USA Sheena Lepard Legoland California Alex Santos Bill English


    The coveted O for Owesome award is the pinnacle of internal awards here at Magic, & this year, it was awarded to the legendary Brittany Knights, the People & Culture Co-ordinator for Australia & New Zealand. 

    Mark Henry took away the Motivation Award, Legoland California scooped up the Organization award (after not even having been open a year) & James Brown the Journey. 

    Congratulations to all winners!!