IAAPA Brass Ring

Image: TBT brass ring

    Winners - 2012 Excellence in a Hard Good Souvenir - under 1m guests.

    IAAPA Brass Ring

    It's true that it hasn't been often we've 'officially' told award-style bodies just what we do and why. 

    Our first time entry into the prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring awards was for a photobook product we'd created for a brand-new Merlin Entertainments attraction in San Francisco, the San Francisco Dungeon. 

    The challenge was to design a product which would make guests smile, while telling the story of 200 years of San Fransisco horrible history - in keeping with the Dungeon story for that area and to do so, without the attraction having been built. 

    Our team worked in collaboration with the team from Merlin to determine the stories and the thread of the book. Building on our 20 years of photo product development expertise, our team then researched the 200 years of history of the area, brainstormed & prototyped, brainstormed & prototyped some more, and came up with a photobook product that delighted our guests, our partners - and the IAAPA judges alike.