Hey Sister! It's National Sisters Day!

Hey Sister! It's National Sisters Day!

Hey Sister! It's National Sisters Day!

4 August 2017

This Sunday is National Sisters Day -- an unofficial holiday that takes place on the first Sunday of August to celebrate the bond between sisters.

We know that there are all kinds of bonds between Magic Memories team members, but did you know we actually have a few sisters on our Smile Teams?

We wanted to know about what it was like to work at the same company as your sister, so we sat down with two sets of sisters -- Kelly Cox & Kalani Singmaster and Liz & Sammie Spotts.

Kelly Cox & Kalani Singmaster may work 1,800 miles apart but the distance doesn't keep them far from each other's minds!


How did you find Magic Memories?

Kelly: I started working for SharpShooter Imaging in Florida back in 2000 as a photographer and quickly moved up to assistant manager. During my time, my career has taken me to attractions all over the country including Hawaii, the Carolinas, and Arizona. I opened the Denver Aquarium in 2013 where I manage a fantastic team. And from that I joined Magic Memories through the acquisition of Sharpshooter and it's been an exciting transition into the Magic Memories family!

Kalani: After I graduated from the University of Central Florida, I was looking for a job. Kelly told me how much she liked Magic Memories, and that they were hiring in Orlando. I was hired to work at the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye and have been there since March.

Kelly: I knew she would be great at making guests smile and if I could have had her on my team I would have hired her in a heartbeat!  It's great to know she is part of a winning company and that she has tons of opportunities to grow with Magic Memories, just like I did.

What's it like working for the same company as your sister?

Kalani: It's fun working for the same company as my sister! Kelly has been working for the company for a long time and has a lot of good advice to give. Over the years, I have been to many of the locations that Kelly has worked at, so I was excited to learn how the Orlando Eye location operates. I have been to the Denver Aquarium a few times, but I was especially interested to visit this last time, in July, to see what it is like there compared to the Eye, now that I have a different perspective.

Kelly: We enjoy chatting about our locations, and I enjoy giving her tips that I've learned through the years.

Have you ever had a guest who visited both attractions?

Kalani:Yes! I was making conversation with a family while taking photos one day and learned that they are from Colorado. I mentioned that my sister runs the venue at the Denver Aquarium and they told me that they have been there a few times and really enjoyed it. Always a nice thing when you can add to the guest’s experience!

Do you share stories about your experiences/days?

Yes, we often share stories with each other about our experiences. We both get to meet people from all over the world and that is one of our favorite parts about this job.

Any favorite stories to share?

Kelly: When I worked at Legends Myrtle Beach an elderly lady wanted so badly to meet "Elvis".  I made sure she met him after the show and told her if she bought our picture she could get his autograph. She bought the whole package and was shaking with excitement. He gave her a huge hug and kiss and gave her a teddy bear. She was so happy she came back and hugged me! By her showing off her autograph she helped raise my sales by more ladies buying their pictures to get autographs too! I love going above and beyond a guest’s expectation because their smile is the best part of my job!

Kalani: It is always fun when couples get engaged while on the Eye. There was a couple I was helping in the capture area one night and I had a feeling the man was going to propose. When they got off the Eye, she had a huge smile on her face and was showing off her ring. I congratulated them and took them back to do retakes so they could have before and after shots. They were a very nice couple and I was happy to be a part of their special night. I know those are photos that they will cherish forever and I am honored to have taken them!


Liz and Sammie Spotts work together at Hershey's Chocolate World and there’s never a dull moment when these two are around! 


Who found Magic Memories first?

Liz:I found the job listing on Indeed, and I loved it (and we really needed help), so I encouraged Sammie to apply.

How do you like working with your sister?

Liz: Working with my sister is usually pretty fun since we know each other really well and we know how to read each other's personalities well.

Do you work the same shifts? If so, how do you play off of each other to get guests excited?

Sammie: We tend to work the same shifts, but we normally don't see each other that much. We like to commute together, but we prefer to work apart. We're both good at different things, so it only makes sense to split up.

Liz: Everyone thinks that we look alike, so when Sammie first got the job we liked to wear our hair the same and wear the same color shirts and see if people would mix us up! For the first couple months, we got called each other's names quite a lot. It was also funny to see guests do a double take and say "Didn't we just see you...?" Meaning one of us was at capture, the other at sales and vice versa.

Sammie: I had a lot of fun when we dressed up as the candy land people for a contest that were having at work. She was Princess Lolly and I was Mr. Mint from the game Candyland.


A big thanks to these ladies for making time during their busy days to help share their stories!