Magic Memories Looks to Expand in US Attractions

Magic Memories Looks to Expand in US Attractions

14 January 2016

Queenstown-based imaging company Magic Memories is looking to expand in the attractions industry in the USA with its innovative approach to traditional location photography.

Currently operating at 10 locations in California and Orlando, Florida with 150 staff delivering memories for around 6 million people per year, Magic Memories has ambitious plans for more US attractions to use its high engagement, integrated approach to the way guests experience and takeaway memories.

Magic Memories has made big head roads into the UK/ Europe and Australian markets and has just raised significant capital from a New Zealand investor to support an aggressive move into the US market.

Chief Executive John Wikstrom says many potential partners have already expressed firm interest in their operating model which has a proven success record and is different from anything currently being offered in the US.

Wikstrom explains “with labour costs growing in the US, many pure photographic services have been cut back. What we are offering is a model which is no risk to our partners; in fact, we’ve already proven in other markets that it will drive new revenue for them.”

Magic Memories uses leading edge technology to create a seamless experience between the attraction and the photographic memories guests take home as their memory.

That means an ‘end-to-end’ approach where the partners brand is used in everything throughout the experience, including the image-based memory. Magic Memories photographers are trained by actors and assimilate into the experience. Guests receive photo books with relevant content and personal imagery to create a high quality personalized story that customers cannot simply replicate themselves.

Wikstrom says many of the photographic companies in the US are still focused on the photo at the end, adding “while the photo is important to us, we have always been marketing partners focusing on ensuring we meet the needs of our partner’s guests all the way through the experience and afterwards as well.

“We design and deliver as true ambassadors of our partners brand values in everything we do.”

Magic Memories expects to shortly announce two premier partnerships in the US and is planning others during 2016.

Magic Memories has more than 100 partner attractions spread across the US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China and Dubai, with more than 1,000 staff hosting over 60 million people each year. 

This article has been taken from Australasian Leisure