Magic Memories Offers Special Photographic Mementos to Shrek's Adventure! Guests

Magic Memories Offers Special Photographic Mementos to Shrek's Adventure! Guests

Magic Memories Offers Special Photographic Mementos to Shrek's Adventure! Guests

10 September 2015

This article has been taken from Australasian Leisure


Queenstown-based Magic Memories has introduced leading edge technology and design to create a seamless experience between attractions and the photographs guests take home as their memory.

Magic Memories, most recent partnership with Merlin Entertainments plc at Shrek’s Adventure! London uses technology and design to give guests a seamless experience from the attraction through to taking away their photographic memories.

Magic Memories Chief Executive John Wikstrom explains “Shrek’s Adventure! London is a great example of what drives our business – the guest experience.

“We have painstakingly designed every element around the guest from the application of technology, physical photography areas themselves and our end products.

Some of Magic Memories initiatives include:

  • Using actors to train Magic Memories staff to engage with guests to ensure that the photographic moments are authentic and deliver memories that are sought after and valued.
  • Using a combination of green and silverscreen areas for the Magic Memory photographs as well as creating a full 3D set featuring the iconic Onion Carriage and the incorrigible Donkey.
  • Specially designed photo books are ‘locked away’ and guests use wristband technology for the correct drawer to be immediately opened. Staff then theatrically blow imaginary dust from the cover whilst whispering to the youngsters that the photos were locked away because Rumplestiltskin is on the prowl. 
  • Interactive photographs books with photos hidden under flaps, additional games, postcards, the Poison Apple pub menu, a letter from Princess Fiona and a piece of fur from Puss in Boots. Guests are pictured running from Shrek, roaring with him in the swamp and of course posing with Donkey and the Onion Carriage.


John Mason, Magic Memories Site Manager at Shrek’s Adventure! London adds “there is no doubt that using this actor led approach to relax guests and then get a great performance out of them results in quality, fun images that they want to buy.

“We see those results every day in our capture and hit rates and guest  spend per head numbers, that are smashing our targets.”

New wrist banding technology delivers a personalised ID system for every guest, reducing wait times and ensuring that all guest photos are ascribed correctly to individuals and groups 100% of the time.

Helen Bull, General Manager, Shrek’s Adventure! London explains that there is a genuine sense of collaboration between the two companies that creates a seamless and always on brand delivery.

Bull says “at Shrek’s Adventure! London it is all about creating amazing memories for our guests in every way possible.

“From embarking on your mad-cap adventure and getting to know Shrek and his friends, it is all about having fun.

“This vision is something we share with Magic Memories, whose products, people and technology create the perfect souvenirs and mementos for all our guests – something our guests can share and enjoy long after their visit.”