Magic Memories’ Quick Flicks

Magic Memories’ Quick Flicks

17 September 2015

New Zealand based international tourism company Magic Memories says a system designed to film and quickly transfer footage in some of the world’s toughest conditions can be used by any high speed ride attraction operation.

It provides photographic and video memories of quests’ experience at the Shotover Jet in Queenstown.

The company has designed and built a wireless transfer system that puts an edited video on to USB and into guest hands’ within four minutes.

“The on-boat-to-exit solution Magic Memories created and managed, negated the issues we face operating in some of the world’s harshest environments, allowing us to deliver personalized and high quality videos and photographs to our customers in minutes,” says Shotover Jet GM Clark Scott.

This proven system and approach is fully transferable to any high speed ride attraction operation from planes to rollercoasters and racing cars to helicopters and is guaranteed to make your guest smile every time they re-live their adventure in high definition technicolor. That’s after completing the oter hurdles of filming a jetboat ride. HR cameras mounted on a boat, travelling at break neck speeds, on water with significant noise and vibration, and 360 degree on the nose turns. High definition cameras shoot at bespoke time and capture video segments to slot directly into preordained spaces in the master video.

Magic Memories was founded in Queenstown in 1995. It partner with more than 100 major tourism attractions around the world to offer photographic memories of tourism experiences.

It says its aim is to make guests smile when they arrive, when they leave and every time they share or look back at their memory of the event.