Magic Memories Starts Putting Names to 100,000,000 Faces

Magic Memories Starts Putting Names to 100,000,000 Faces

2 October 2015

This article has been taken from Australian Leisure.

With Magic Memories’ systems taking millions of photographs every year in some of the world’s happiest places, the company is working to better understand its guests as part of the next stage in its growth strategy.

Magic Memories Chief Executive John Wikstrom stated “we have the world’s most interesting database.

“Over 100,000,000 smiling faces and now we can communicate directly with them.”

Taking images at location as diverse as Camp Nou at Football Club Barcelona, Wet’n’ Wild Sydney, Table Mountain in South Africa, Sealife Orlando, Madame Tussauds, Shrek’s Adventure! London and Shotover Jet in Queenstown, Magic Memories’ newest technology platform MeTag, enables an enhanced guest experience through the capture, collation, transmission and distribution of relevant and useful content.

MeTag is a two way stream – guests photographs are uploaded straight to their mobile devices or social networks and in turn Magic Memories interact via tailored personalised content and information in real time offering genuine value for guests depending on who they are with, where they are and their preferences.

However, Wikstrom appreciates that Magic Memories will face the common challenge as to whether guests will actually want to register at all.

He explains “(there is) a trust and relevancy issue wrapped in valuable personalised content.

“If we know that a family has just arrived at an attraction, and are registered on the platform we can instantly offer them VIP benefits like priority queuing or bundled packages that save them money.

“We can recommend other activities and attractions that fit their profile and they can start to enjoy all the benefits of the digital journey we can deliver.

“ A growing number of guests seem to agree with this proposition.

At Scenic World in Katoomba, in the NSW Blue Mountains west of Sydney, guest registration here is flourishing.

In the six months that Magic Memories has been operating at Scenic World, 45% of guests who have purchased photographs have registered at the attraction while 59% of the communications received by the guests have been actioned with very high engagement levels.

Instead of asking guests to download another app, Magic Memories has chosen to put the solution directly into a guest’s mobile for them. The single registration carries automatically through to all further interactions which just makes things really easy.

Wikstrom states “results are very promising, well above our global benchmarks. We are in the process of integrating some very exciting product improvements, and retail incentives to drive these numbers even further.”

Scenic World’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Zumwalt adds “for us, every customer experience is a unique personal interaction – our guests have multiple contacts with the Scenic World team where we get to show a genuine desire to know them.

“Our guests learn in a short period of time that we’re here to enhance their experience. The Magic Memories system simply adds to that for our guests.”

Wikstrom is proud of Magic Memories’ new business models, concluding “we are well on track to keep making people smile, in new and innovative ways.”