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Dreamworks Tours
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    Dreamworks Tours

    Design led thinking delivers over 60% above modelled results @ Shrek’s Adventure! London

    The Challenge: 

    A brand new attraction demands a bespoke solution that seamlessly blends the very latest technology, with innovative and fresh ways to engage, enhance and service guests.

    The Insight:

    The Shrek franchise epitomises originality, creativity and innovation. Magic Memories needed to benchmark every element of our solution against this world-class brand and experience. 

    The Solution:

    We have painstakingly designed every element around the guest from the application of technology, physical photography areas themselves and our end products.

    Personalised wrist banding technology that reduces wait times and ensures guests photo books are ascribed correctly every time.

    Photo books, once printed, are ‘locked’ away into purpose designed cabinets and as guests scan to retrieve, staff theatrically blow imaginary dust from the cover, whispering to the child that their photos had to be locked away as Rumplestiltskin is on the prowl.

    The photo book itself is a game changer. Up to four photo inserts hidden under interactive flaps housed in a ‘scrapbookesque’ design packed with interesting and interactive add ons. There’s a pull out game, post cards, a letter from Princess Fiona, hand drawn sketches, the Poison Apple menu and even an piece of Puss in Boots’ fur all bound in a leather style cover.

    All this, of course, creates valued options for the guest. Guests can choose to purchase a digital only product, or to have several digital images alongside their photobook product. 

    The Impact:

    Results at the attraction speak for themselves with key metrics being exceeded by well over 60%.

    The Partnership: 

    There is a genuine sense of collaboration between the two companies that creates a seamless and always on brand delivery and Helen Bull, General Manager, Shrek’s Adventure! London agrees.