FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona
Image: Jess Cup


    FC Barcelona

    Case Study – Flow

    A Magic Memories solution goes way beyond a photographic experience – the guest journey and in particular the ability to manage high guest traffic volumes is critical to both the guest experience and maximising revenue.


    The Challenge:

    Camp Nou Tour and Museum experience at the home of Football Club Barcelona sees more than 1.5 million visitors each year and experiences significant peaks in guests numbers around home games.

    The attraction experiences significant peaks in guests numbers at game time.

    Managing the flow with extremely high photographic conversion rates from fanatical fans,  demands a fast but high quality production process with transactional efficiency and key integration into the flow of guests.


    The Insight:

    At FC Barcelona guests are predisposed to purchase so the key to managing flow was to place the emphasis on transactional efficiency both at exit and within the venue around capture points.


    The Solution:

    We created two separate and distinct transactional areas; one at the entrance to the venue away from the museum itself, which doubles as a purchase area and a photographic experience location. This allows us to engage guest as early on arrival (and again as they leave) but importantly away from the bottlenecks that occur within the museum area itself.

    Within the Museum itself, the photo experience areas are positioned off to the side of main thoroughfares. The design channels guests towards the photo sets whilst minimising congestion and allowing those who don’t want a photo to continue their tour un-disturbed.

    The Museum exit retail set up features eight (check number) kiosks that utilise our wrist banding technology allowing guests to simply scan their band resulting in the correct ascription of images and photo books every time to each guest.


    The Impact:

    At FCB, on takeover of management of the photographic experience from a competitor (2014), through introduction of our systems and people, Magic Memories increased SPH 100%.