Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park
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    Revenue Increase on 2015

    Longleat Safari Park


    Operational refinement & beautifully designed products have increased photography revenue every year over the last 5 years of true partnership.  

    The Challenge: 

    Limited space to make physical improvements, and a business driven to continue to deliver their partners increased spends year on year. 

    The Solution & Impact:

    Never mind the marketing spiel. This is directly from Amy O'Brien, the Magic Memories Manager at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park when we asked her how she has managed to continue to deliver on her ever increasing revenue targets.  

    "Longleat will be entering it's fifth year of operation in June. Despite no major operational changes happening to the site during that time, we have still managed to increase revenue and key KPI's year on year. We have an entry/exit operation based at the Jungle Cruise attraction within Longleat, and we work with the client by checking customers tickets before they embark on the boat ride. During peak two boats are in service so we help board and welcome back 118 people every 10 minutes. We have a very small production and sales area, which means we have to run our operation like clockwork to enable us to welcome more than 4000 guests each day, ensuring their experience with Magic Memories meets and exceeds our world class standards. 

    We have evolved our product over the years and improved operational procedures to make the running of the site as efficient as possible, which frees up staff to spend more time interacting with the customers on the sales floor. This has helped us to increase our hit rate by 28%, and Average Sale Value by 7%. In 2015 we introduced the up-sell photos to our product mix which enabled us to have a wider photo selection for customers. We maximized this over Christmas in particular, and had six beautifully designed festive backgrounds on offer in addition to the photobook, and a fantastic 22% of all sales included these. This, along with our awesome team, has resulted in a 38% increase in revenue on last year. 

    The fact that no major changes have been made - mainly due to lack of space and suitable areas for us to move into - really shows that the strength of the product and the fantastic hard working team are responsible for the growth at this site."

    The Impact:

    Revenue is up more than 35% on last year - Magic Memories continues to deliver increased photography returns to our attraction partners, every year.