Magic Memories attraction pilot

Magic Memories attraction pilot

Guest email registration

Magic Memories attraction pilot

Case Study – Registration

Our global reach is huge with over 100,000,000 photos taken, but we have historically never collected more information than a guest’s image.


The Challenge:

We have one of the world’s most interesting databases of over 100,000,000 smiles. However whilst we know what these people look like we have had no ability to communicate directly with them.

The Insight:

Guests trust us with one of the most personal and intimate pieces of information, their face, so why wouldn’t they give us their email address as well.

The Solution:

To make guest registration beneficial we had to offer the guest a tangible benefit to giving us their email details. Our newest technology platform, MeTag, delivers an enhanced guest experience through the capture, collation, transmission and distribution of relevant and useful content.

It’s a two-way stream – guests photos are uploaded straight to their mobile devices or social networks and in turn Magic Memories interact via tailored personalised content and information in real time offering genuine value for guests.

VIP benefits like priority queuing or bundled packages that save them money. We can recommend other activities and attractions that fit their profile and they can start to enjoy all the benefits of the digital journey we can deliver.

The Impact:

In the six months that Magic Memories has been operating this registration trial at our pilot attraction, just over 50% of guests who have purchased photos have registered at the attraction.

Astonishingly 59% of the communications received by the guests have been actioned which are exceptionally high engagement levels.