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    Case Study – Connectivity

    With over 2500 employees in over 100 locations all around the world the constant challenge is to keep the culture vibrant, the ideas flowing and the team highly engaged at every level


    The Challenge:

    Our core purpose, we make people smile, is deliberately active and effectively a metaphor for performance. To this end it needs to be constantly delivered at every level of the organisation. Our challenge was to connect our people so we share, collaborate and collect our sucesses, failures and insights empowering employees to drive excellence and wisdom.

    The Insight:

    We are a creative and fun organisation that creates content everyday so we wanted to harness that natural ability and turn it into an internal brand engagement and communications platform to connect and inspire our people.

    The Solution:

    We worked with Jostle an enterprise social platform to create our own internal forum open to all employees - accessible from mobile, tablet and desktop anywhere, anytime.

    By creating borderless, deep and long-term connections between employees at all levels we are turning we make people smile from a slogan to a world wide organisational behaviour.

    The Impact:

    Jostle connects all 2500 employees seamlessly, daily and in real time. We can, for example, share learnings from the frontline of an attraction in Australia directly with frontline employee of a similar attraction in the UK.

    Circles of expertise are created delivering knowledge forums that drive performance.

    Senior management, who are also active on the platform, hear direct feedback from every level within the organisation and all ideas and issues are curated, prioritised and acted upon with feedback and outcomes posted to the community.