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    Magic Memories

    Magic Memories’ journey through 2017 and beyond…

    Without a doubt, 2017 will go down in history as one of the most exciting years for Magic Memories.
    Our North America region grew from 8 states and 18 attractions to 30 states and 110 attractions! From a global perspective, we’re now operating in 10 countries with around 2,500 employees and more than 175 partner attractions.

    We assembled a new North American operations team and went through a complete infrastructure overhaul to our newly acquired asset, switching all paper-based backend systems to the Magic Memories cloud, and moving all attractions from a mash of third party systems to the Magic Memories propriety platform.

    This infrastructure overhaul sets us up perfectly to add new memory products and services to all of our North American partners in 2018 and beyond.

    Creating fun, guest-centric experiences

    We remain 100 percent focused on creating products and experiences that make people smile. To create stories and moments for guests to engage with on an emotional level regardless of their age or gender.

    As our company continues to expand in all regions across the globe we take pride in designing highly personalized content-rich products that are sure to surprise and delight guests.

    Here are some snippets from 2017:

    • In the UK, we launched several mobile-first memory initiatives, boosting engagement, and conversion across all of our London attractions. There is a continued desire for instantly available digital content across all regions and we have been tailoring our experiences accordingly, making it easy for guests to share their special memories in real time
    • Adding value to ticket types. 2017 saw the introduction of different digital products offered as part of particular ticket types. This enables the guest to receive unlimited content during their visit, driving significant improvements in engagement, and social sharing, while driving new value from previously un-addressable market segments
    • In Australia we successfully installed video systems onto the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and fastest roller coaster at Movie World. This expands our video offerings to three at Movie World. We continue to provide adrenaline video systems for Jetboat thrill rides, and expect to expand video to more attractions in 2018
    • 2017 saw the ability for every guest to create their own online album where their memories from any number of visits are stored and remain safe, and privacy compliant. This service has created millions of new customers, who we intend to nurture with new content, special offers, and new personalized products exclusive to this service
    • The Extreme Selfie product was designed for the Auckland Sky Tower, providing a product and experience that really surprised and delighted. This product has proven successful across all demographics. We continue to include self-operated systems around the globe to drive increased guest engagement, and build more content into our product mix
    • Design to demographic - We introduced a bespoke Chinese Photo Book specifically for guests visiting the Sydney Opera House
    • A virtual reality experience was designed at FCB. This has proven to be hugely successful and we continue to add experiences to our product mix, that drive engagement directly with our partners brands
    • We are very proud (and gracious) that our partner retention remains very high, as we continue to build value into guest experiences, and create new additional revenue generating opportunities before, during and after guests have attended our partner attractions
    • We invested in two new US-based directors, who align to our strategy of creating a longer customer lifecycle with guests to our partners attractions. Sanjay and Jeff bring world class experience to both our strategic and governance objectives
    • We added new world-class experience to lead major group functions of engineering, engineering operations, product management, and group counsel


    In 2018 we will have access to more than 100 million guests to enjoy and share over 300 million memories and we are passionately investing in the evolution of personalized experiences for guests to treasure for years to come in print, digital, and social.


    Stay tuned! There’s much more to come!