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No longer is it just about being able to provide content-rich products that will delight and surprise guests. It’s clear from the rise in social platforms that we are now living in a mobile-first world, where consumers expect to receive everything on-demand through the simple touch of a button.
Attractions must, therefore, ensure they are providing guests with the ability to access personalized content straight to their mobile phone that can easily be shared across social media during and after attraction visits in a way they can also monetize.
In 2019 we surveyed 2600 guests across the globe to get an insight into the value people are now placing on engagement and sharing of memories in the new mobile world. The results below are both valuable and insightful for any attraction partner looking for that next advantage.

Now, 2020 is set up to deliver the biggest positive impact in the Attractions market EVER in our space.
With our goal to continuously improve our partner’s businesses, we have successfully developed and proven the product, platform, pricing, and operational plan that:

  1. Increases total attraction yield. Creating new and additional guest spend
  2. Increases guest participation. Creating a new more engaging high participation guest experience
  3. Increases Attraction brand reach. Increase the social sharing of Attraction brands by making it compelling and easy to see and share content.

All of us at Magic Memories are looking forward to the future – one of change, innovation, and capturing life-long memories!

Chris Warhurst

83% say sharing of photos from a memorable experience is highly important

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Americans enjoy reliving memories through photos 50% more than Brits

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Bragging rights makes a difference

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Proof! 95% Partner retention rate

Magic Memories has a winning record in 2019 with 95% partner re-signs in the last 12 months, and 25 new business partnerships created globally!