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Merlin Entertainments
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    Ongoing partnerships

    Merlin Entertainments

    Case Study – Relationships

    Magic Memories is a business built on relationships and we recognize that whilst technology increasingly plays an important role it is ultimately people that make the difference.


    The Challenge:

    As we grow and expand our global footprint a massive focus has been on maintaining our internal culture of people first, our strong deep and personal relationships we hold with our partners and never losing sight of the guest relationship we are entrusted to foster and enhance.

    The Insight:  

    Smiling is a human emotion and our purpose is to make people smile – partners, guests, suppliers and colleagues, therefore, relationships are our most important asset.

    The Solution:

    Organizational culture lives within a company at all levels, but the essence of that culture and the resulting behavior come from the top. John Wikstrom founded the business over twenty years and is the inspirational and hands on fostering, inspiring and influencing our culture of building and valuing relationships. 

    John is fully engaged, not just with his global leadership team, but with site mangers and on the ground staff. He has regular and on-going in-depth contact with all of our partner attraction owners and management. His day to day knowledge is only surpassed by his ability to lead and inspire the big picture global growth of a business that is built on relationships.

    The Impact:

    98% of attractions have continued to be our partners since we first shook hands. 

    Our relationship with Merlin Entertainments, one of the worlds largest attraction businesses began some years ago, the strength of that relationship is demonstrated in the growth of Magic Memories solutions in Merlin attractions which, at the time of writing (June 2016) numbers 19 in 5 countries around the world.