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    Connectivity & Sharing

    Orlando Eye

    Case Study : Connectivity. Photography and the sharing of images have never been more popular. The consumer wants real time connectivity and the ability to share to their channels of choice instantly.


    The challenge:

    To broaden our offer, from predominantly a printed photo book model to a full digital offering, allowing consumers to share the unique photos and memories we create immediately from the attraction.


    The Insight:

    Guests visiting attractions usually visit more than one venue not only on the holiday or vacation they are taking, but often over many years. Whilst digital photos are fantastic they are often impossible to keep track of when stored and many memories are lost on old devices or in hidden folders.


    The Solution:

    The Magic Memories app allows guest to upload, store and share all of their digital attraction photos in one digital album giving them long term access, security and shareability for life.


    The Impact: 

    At the time of writing this, in only a few short months at our latest Orlando attraction we have seen over 5000 downloads of this new album builder. 66% of users are choosing to download and share the images their own way, and 33% choose to save, view and share within the functionality of the App.