Orlando Eye

Orlando Eye
Image: Magic Orlando Team - Skycam
Image: Eye Capture Set


    Orlando Eye

    Case Study – Guest Experience

    Every Magic Memories solution begins and ends with the guest experience – it’s fundamental to how we operate and how we deliver higher returns. This demands that we create innovations and concepts that are genuinely going to enhance their experience in a relevant and desirable way and ultimately create memories that exceed those that your guests can create themselves.


    The Challenge: 

    Orlando is undoubtedly one of the world’s theme park and attraction hubs and competition for the tourism dollar is fierce to say the least. Merlin Entertainment Group’s Orlando Eye whilst a spectacular attraction is a challenging venue to create a photographic guest experience with a difference. A photo of guests simply sitting in a chair on the wheel isn’t going to cut the mustard.

    The Insight:

    The Orlando Eye experience is centered on the exhilarating feeling of being at the top of the world, the breath taking and expansive views are at the heart of the moment and we needed to transfer this feeling into our photography sets planted firmly on the ground. 

    The Solution:

    Skycam was developed specifically for the Orlando Eye and is a camera that looks down on the guests in our studio set. We create a photo experience with a whole new perspective as they look skyward into the camera turning that feeling of being on top of the world into a lifetime memory. 

    The resulting image is unique, dynamic and most certainly an enduring memory that guests definitely can't create themselves - ensuring we are genuinely enhancing their Orlando Eye experience.

    The Impact:

    The Orlando Eye already has the highest photography spend per guest of the Eye attractions in the group. We are exceeding our targets – set high before the attraction ever opened, achieving results a number of days over 200% above target and across whole months just under 100% above the spend per guest target. That trend has been continually rising this year, and we are forecasting it to keep rising into next.