Ripley's Believe it or Not, London

Ripley's Believe it or Not, London

    Increase in conversion

    Ripley's Believe it or Not, London

    An unwavering focus making guests genuinely smile in their bones creates impressive conversion rate increases at Ripley's Believe it or Not, London. 

    The Challenge: 

    A capture area half way through an attraction can often be seen as an interruption to the guests' journey. Capturing all the smiles and being a fun extension of the experience, rather than a disruption of it is the challenge faced by John Gagliano's team. 

    The Insight:

    Having genuine fun is contagious. Guests want to be a part of something that makes them smile. 

    The Solution:

    This is what John had to say when we asked him just how his team delivers such exceptional results. 


    "Comparably, Ripley's is a quiet site. We don't see as many guests as other London sites, which makes it vital for us to make the most out of each and every single guest. 

    Every single photo has to be perfect, every single person who walks in has to feel special, every single experience has to be remembered. 

    The only way to achieve such an outstanding customer service, is by building an outstanding team. 

    The team is the key. 

    The products themselves are really good and easy to sell, so we mainly focused on team building and training. This deeply affected the team's performance; we created a situation where everyone here is smiley, happy, easygoing, fun - and a little crazy.  Even more important, the team is very thick and unite, with all of us always ready to help each other. 

    Like a wise man says, "People buy from the people they like". And I would add: people like happy people!  

    We have proper fun at work, we genuinely laugh with each other and with our guests and, as a side effect of this atmosphere, we sell tons of photos :) 

    Our capture point is halfway through the attraction, so when our guests reach it, they're already in a good mood. Here we engage with them as we were part of the attraction itself: laughing, telling jokes, being super smiley, and building a relationship with them. When they get to the collection point after their visit, they start laughing as soon as they see us. Also, we have a little trick to enhance this effect: we swap positions every hour. It takes about an hour for them to get from capture to collection point: his way, we increase the chances that the person who took the photos is the same one who approaches them in the sales area. Also, the team members know that if you do a great job in capture, you'll have more books on the wall when you move on to sales, having higher chances to be top seller for that day. Clever, hm? :D

    Also, every team member knows his/her own target every day, and this friendly competition really helps us with pushing the sales. We also give little rewards to the best person in capture every now and then, to provide further motivation. 

    That's all it is, really. :)"


    The Impact:

    Capture rate increase by 47%, and conversion by 59%. You can just imagine what that did to the revenue... Made both our, and the Ripley's CFO smile, that's for sure.