SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium
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    Revenue Increase

    SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

    Case Study – Revenue


    Key financial performance indicators are the most effective measure of our continued delivery and are paramount for our business partnerships. The measures we value demonstrate the satisfaction of the Attraction’s guests and their willingness to see value, and spend additional money.


    The challenge:

    To continue to deliver a financial return significantly higher than our competitors and the industry standard for each and every partner.

    The Insight:

    Financial performance is the measure not the goal. When you deliver a great experience, a consistently high quality product, innovative ideas, and immaculate execution by an engaged team the results follow.

    The solution:

    We never lose sight of the reality that we are all in the entertainment business and that at the core of our offer is fun. Our business model is geared to financial return but only when we have the right blend of people, products and processes in place.

    We don’t run off the shelf solutions as such, nor are we simply software as a service or automated solutions. Value is created through experience, wisdom and curiosity and the ability to learn and continually improve, measuring as we go.

    The Impact:

    Our number one key performance indicator financially is spend per guest. Sometimes called yield per head. You might call it dollar per head even. Regardless, it’s the amount of photography revenue we generate for every guest who enters an attraction. 

    One great comparative example of the impact a Magic Memories solution delivers over the competitor is the comparative yields per head at Melbourne Aquarium – now SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.

    Magic Memories took over in 2011, and here’s what happened versus the incumbent:

    magic memories 780 increase copy

     A 340% increase in spend per guest at the Melbourne Aquarium in 2011, and today, with our continual improvement that’s grown to a 780% difference.