Shotover Jet

Shotover Jet
Image: nathanual shotover jet

    Product Innovation

    Shotover Jet

    At Magic Memories we create solutions that are tailored and designed to be effective for each and every site we develop. Some venues though demand genuine innovation that changes the game.

    The Challenge

    Shotover Jet in Queenstown New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most challenging environments in the world. HD cameras mounted... on a boat, travelling at break neck speeds, on water with significant noise and vibration not to mention 360 degree on the nose turns. Throw in high def cameras needing to shoot at bespoke times and capture video segments to slot directly into pre-ordained spaces in the master video that needs to be produced quickly and on-site and it quickly becomes obvious that there is no room for a GoPro and Duct Tape solution.

    The Insight

    Guests don’t want to wait for their films to be transferred, edited and outputted. Speed of delivery of the finished film into the guests’ hands had to match the time it takes to disembark from the boat and get to the exit – a very short four minutes.

    The Solution

    The team at Magic Memories designed and built a wireless transfer system that transfers the high definition footage directly to the production facility on site. As soon as received, it is edited and inserted into the master video and then transferred to USB, DVD or made available for on-line download for each guest all within the crucial four-minute turnaround time.

    The Impact

    "The on boat to exit solution that Magic Memories created and manage, negated the issues we face operating in some of the world’s harshest environments, allowing us to deliver personalised and high quality videos and photographs to our customers in minutes” says Shotover Jet, General Manager, Clark Scott.