Wet'n'Wild Sydney

Wet'n'Wild Sydney
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    Wet'n'Wild Sydney

    Case Study – Automated 'guest ID' solution

    Attractions come in all shapes and sizes and each category brings its own unique set of challenges, non-more so than water parks and ride based attractions.


    The Challenge:

    The ability for us to be able to identify which photograph belonged to which guest is obviously critical but when it comes to the ride photography market the challenges we face escalate. When you add water to the equation, additional factors, such as people in togs, no wallets and a wet environment, add significant complexity.

    The Insight:

    To activate all of our fixed, in-ride & roaming cameras as a guest approached and then be able to correctly ascribe the shot taken to the correct guest demanded that we needed to effectively tag every guest for the duration of their visit.

    The Solution:

    We created an entire tap & identification system - using a waterproof wristband that guests are given on entry with purchase. The band has multiple functionality:

    Firstly, the guests scanning the band at the top of the ride before descending attribute a unique identification number to the photo being taken during their ride.

    Secondly, Guests can then scan their band at the retail area at kiosks that immediately display their in-ride photos correctly ascribed to their band, which can be purchased and immediately shared to social media.

    The Impact:

    At Wet ‘N’ Wild Sydney, photography spend per guest is now well over 5X the industry average.