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ZSL London Zoo
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    years of $ increase

    ZSL London Zoo

    Focus on operational partnership efficiencies delivers 15% increase in spend per guest year on year for the past 5 years at ZSL London Zoo. 

    The challenge: 

    At Magic Memories we actually budget an increase in topline revenue of at least 5% year on year, every year. That challenge ensures we continue to push ourselves to deliver increased returns for our attraction partners. One of our values is to "make promises - then exceed them" - and we treat the budgetted increase in much the same way.

    The insight: 

    Continued focus on operational efficiency & true attraction integration result in steady increases every year of a Magic Memories partnership.

    The solution:

    This is straight from Eoin - our manager at ZSL London Zoo.  

    "As our longest running site in London, ZSL London Zoo has over the years received steady incremental improvements to help the site become more functional not just for us and our staff but also our client. It's evidence that once we open a new site with a new partner, we don't just leave it as that, we will find something better to improve it on and each year we upgrade something to improve our revenue, our partners share and excite guests, even the ones who return on a regular basis.

    We are unique in that our capture point is before the ticket desks. So its very important we work very closely with the zoo admissions team. We are normally the very first people guests encounter at the attraction, our job is to greet and welcome everyone and direct them to the correct queue line/ticket desk once we have taken their photo. During busy times, it is imperative we operate this smoothly and quickly so guests are allowed to get into the attraction as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, the managers and supervisors for Magic Memories work very closely with the admissions management and we have formed a clear understanding of how to anticipate guest flow and satisfy our partner in maintaining great efficiency. This close relationship has allowed the admissions team to have confidence in our operation and remove fears of delays in getting guests inside.

    We have limited wall space to display books in the zoo but we created a brand new movable wall that extends our area on busy days and can easily be retracted on quieter days or when the weather is not the most pleasant. This has made it easier for guests to find their photos/albums and improved overall revenue made on a daily basis. And it takes up no extra space!

    ZSL cares about the environment and wildlife and to reflect this, we introduced new seeded postcards that can grow into wildflowers, which is helpful in combating a dwindling bee population. We have also added bird houses and wall plants to our capture and sales area to blend in our operations to the surroundings of the zoo."

    The result:

    15% increase in spend per guest (some call it dollar per head or yield per head) every year for the last 5 years.